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About installing metal roofs

Your first roofing tip - Make sure that the metal roof systems are wind resistant. Please take your time to browse around.

If you live where insurance companies offer premium discounts for roofs that have passed U.L. 2218 Impact resistance testing, then you should understand what this means before having your roof installed. Class IV is the most severe of the four levels of testing that is done. If you live in an area that gets a lot of hail, you should make sure that you have the Class IV metal roofing. You should also look for products that will not become loose with age or chip due to hail.

Make sure that the metal roof systems are wind resistant. They must pass a wind and rain test of 150+ mph.

If you are looking at a steel, copper or zinc roof, you will find that they are most energy efficient if the metal is unpainted and has a bright shine, or if it has a bright metallic paint or white coating. Aluminum reflects heat naturally.

Make sure that all fasteners are put on correctly and compatible with the roof itself. You want to also make sure that moisture is kept out of the nails and screw holes. Corrosion will be the result if water leaks into the holes. Clips should be used to fasten the panels.

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