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Steel Buildings: Affordable, Versatile, and Durable

Prefabricated commercial steel buildings are custom designed for use as offices, stores, service stations, distribution centers, freight terminals, commercial garages, aircraft hangers, storage facilities, and more. Since they can be assembled in a wide range of shapes and sizes, they can find applications in just about any industry imaginable.

Pre-engineered at the manufacturing site, commercial steel buildings and their components are shipped to the construction site ready for assembly. Their flexibility is especially advantageous, as their size can easily be increased by adding components. The strength of steel is another advantage. Since steel does not require many interior support columns, a steel building offers more usable open space, which makes it particularly suitable for large warehouses and airplane hangers.

Most manufacturers have trained staff members who can not only deliver the building, but also lay out and assemble the components. This makes construction easy and efficient. Along with low structural maintenance and durability, steel buildings are attractive in the commercial sector because of accurate price estimates.

Three Types of Steel Buildings

There are three major categories of commercial steel buildings. The first consists of steel framing only, with the rest of the building made of brick, stucco, wood, or another conventional construction material. This category is common in offices, houses, and other small structures.

The second category is steel pole buildings, also called “pole barns.? Steel posts and trusses are used and the roof and walls are sheathed with metal. This category is most often used in the agricultural sector.

Steel arch buildings comprise the third category. These buildings, made of arched steel panes, are the easiest to erect. They are used most often in both the industrial and agricultural sectors. They are made completely of steel that is molded in the form of an arch serving as both roof and wall. This category is used most often by do-it-yourselfers.

A steel building in any of these categories offers an option for construction that is durable as well as affordable.




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