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Steel building blueprints information

One very important thing to remember when buying steel building blueprints or plans is that these are complete working drawings but may, depending on the area you live in, need to be taken to an engineer or an architect in your area to have their stamp put on it.

They would add to the plans anything special needed for your area. The fees to go to an engineer or architect, Iíve heard, vary widely across the country but are usually between $200 and $600 dollars.

Ask the permitting office how many blueprints are needed since only originals are valid. For example if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or high pressure wins, Europe permitting office will have very strict guidelines regarding wind and snow load ratings for your building. Some areas of the US also require seismic ratings for buildings. But regardless the company you are buying your steel building from should provide these drawings upon request since this is standard procedure.


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