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About business and corporate branding

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Each individualís perceptual processes of corporate branding is different

Another cause for the diversity of interpretation is each individualís perceptual processes. It is not the intention of this paper to review all possible sources of tension in corporate brands, but rather to alert readers to the significance of this.. Instead, as values are at the core of the corporate brand, as they are a key influencer of behavior and as there are four sources which explicitly relate to values in figure 2 below (i.e. espoused values in the vision, the values characterizing the organizational culture, the brandís values and the values of individual employees), the remainder of this paper will focus on surfacing the nature of values from these four sources.

Planning of business process has to be done with looking into the real facts as it can help for outsourcing and proper risk measured. Without this, company will have an outdated and incomplete system. With such obsolete practices business image becomes fragile and weak and whole business is at the collapse. In business process management and planning main thing is constant change, evaluation, and consistency with adaptability.

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