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When shopping around for a steel building, whether it be for a barn or garage, you should know the terms and words used in the industry. An educated consumer is rarely taken advantage of.   

We have put together this glossary in hopes of educating you the consumer.
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"C" Section A member cold-formed from steel coil in the shape of a "C", used primarily in bearing frame endwalls and framed openings.
Camber A predetermined curvature designed into structural member to offset the anticipated deflection when load is applied.
Canopy Any overhanging or projecting structure with extreme end usually unsupported.
Cantilever A projecting beam that is supported and restrained at one end only.
Cap Plate A plate located at the top of a column or end of a beam for capping the exposed end of the member. Used for pinned conditions.
Caulk To seal and make weather tight joints, seams or voids by filling with waterproofing compound or material.
Chalking A process by which finishes develop a loose powdery surface resulting from decomposition of the binder, principally through the action of ultraviolet rays.
Channel An open-ended "C" shape with no return lips, which may be either cold-formed or hot-rolled.
Clear Span Building without internal columns.
Clip A small fastening device, usually of metal, designed to hold a panel or component in place.
Clip-Angle An angle used for fastening various members together.
Closure Strip Sealant material formed to match either inside or outside wall or roof panel configuration, used at base, eave, rake or accessory locations to provide closure against the elements.
Coating A liquid, liquifiable or mastic composition that, after application as a thin layer, is converted to a solid protective, decorative or functional adherent film.
Cold-Formed Various shapes such as angles, channels, girts and purlins formed from steel at room temperature.
Column A vertical structural member.
Continuous Girt or Purlin Girt or purlin that overlaps at columns or frames to form a continuous member.
Continuous Ridge Vent 10' long roof ventilator located along roof peak line.
Coping The top course or cover of a wall, usually made sloping to carry off the water.
Corner Column Corner column (usually a "C" shape) located at the corner of a bearing frame endwall.
Corner Trim Preformed color sheet metal trim used to close the junction of side and endwall sheets.
Corrosion The electrochemical degradation of metals due to reaction with their environment.
Crane Rail Track upon which a top running crane moves (usually hot-rolled A.S.C.E. rails).
Crane Runway Beam Support for bridge crane.
Curb Raised flashing around a roof accessory to provide water rightness at the roof opening.
Curtain Wall Perimeter wall panels which carry only their own weight.
Certification A written declaration that a particular product or service complies with stated criteria. In specific use, it is necessary to include the scope and limitations of the certifications; usually it is provided by the manufacturer, producer or vendor.

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