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3 things you should know when shopping for a steel building

The three things you need to compare when purchasing a steel metal building:

The three things to compare are building type.

1.)Is it a Quonset (A Quonset is the arched type of roof, commonly used by the military.) or an I beam


3.)sales price

You can typically find the size of a steel building in a magazine or on a company web site. You may have to call their website or email them to get the price. The weekly fluctuating cost of steel is affecting the price of the buildings.

Check out the companies references. Remember anyone can put up a web site to sell metal buildings. Purchase and 800-number write up a nice brochure.

Itemized quotes for steel buildings. A price quote from a steel building company should be itemized and list the brand names, makes and models.

You will be safer paying for the new steel building in full when it is delivered by using a bank loan or charging the remaining balance of the building to your credit card

Steel building deposit. How much to give for a deposit? Well the least amount possible.


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