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A steel building buyers guide - Here are some typical sales pitches that an unscrupulous salesman may use.

  1. They offer a sale or discount if you sign a faxed contract.
  2. The size you wanted is the one they had on clearance.
  3. They offer you a discount on one that they say is coming back from a trade show. You can have an additional discount if and only if you buy today.
  4. They offer you a substantial discount on a canceled order.
  5. The salesperson says they can store your building, If you buy your new building today.

These are some of the techniques they may use - so be aware.

An bad tactic used. A person who answers the phone may say he's from the inventory warehouse when actually he's a salesman trying to catch you off guard.

Know more about salesmen Most salesman make only commission.

Questions you should ask. Is your company AISC certified?

Don't buy or sign anything until you have read everything, completely - the front and the back.




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