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Get a building manual sent to you before you purchase the steel building

Everything always seems easy until we start reading the instructions. Then it gets a little more complicated than we like. So before we buy anything lets request the assembly instructions. You may decide it is easier to pay a professional installer.

So first, lets ask for the assembly instructions from the steel building company before you purchase the new building. This way you can even compare the manuals of different companies and decide if you want to build it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Ordering their instruction first also also allows you to get valuable insight into how each company operates.

Steel building permits. Getting permits before you buy is a very important step, and one most people ignore.

Hiring an experienced builder. You may need to hire yourself an experienced builder to erect your new steel building depending on the building type you've purchased.


A guide on how to buy a steel building

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Anchoring your building

Metal building dictionary and trade terminology

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