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A steel building buyers guide - size

Figure out what you will use your building for.

You need to a make a list of what you want your new building to do for you.  So first question is what's this building going to do for me and what need(s) will it satisfy.

This will help determine what size building you need

  1. Will I be bringing in large equipment - if you do what door would be best - a roll up, sliding door or a walk through
  2. How many doors do you need and where will they be placed? Is it on the side of your building or at the ends of your building? Where do you plan on entering the building - or do you want more doors so that you can enter certain areas if you have large equipment blocking an entrance.
  3. Do I need column free inside space?
  4. How tall do you need the building to be. Will you be building things or storing things in your new building that are tall?
  5. Are you going to insulate the building if it is cold in your area that you live in. But of course only if you plan on being inside it for extended periods of time. Will you finish the inside of your new building with drywall or leave it so the metal is exposed?
  6. You'll want to know the snow and wind loads for your area this will determine what gauge steel you'll need for the building which of course affects the price of your building.
  7. Are you going to use a concrete foundation or are you going to pour concrete for the foundation yourself or your going to hire someone. Also other permits needed for the new foundation. We recommend you contact your local municipal to see if you will need to do so.

Answer all these questions before talking to a salesman about a new metal building. Because sometimes a salesman may not have your best interests at heart. They may be just looking for quick sale to earn their commission. But if you have these questions answered you can determine how much it's going to cost and then be able to better compare bids for your new building.


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