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Performance management on the job site

We have taken the time to list a website about managing employees. Please take your time to browse around.

The development of performance management in public organizations has occurred along the following pathways, shaped by the tensions and themes discussed below.

The job of managing people continues to be essential to performance in public organizations. Managers have long acknowledged the conflict between the need for employees to conform to organizational goals and the need for employee autonomy and self-expression. The former increases predictability at the expense of creativity (and often motivation) and, hence, productivity, too.

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The latter has the opposite effect. Even Frederick Taylor recognized the importance of employee self-determination, although his scientific management principles severely limited it. Today, as clients and citizens expect greater customization of services, employees are being cross-trained and given greater latitude to respond to citizen needs. They are now being held accountable for outcomes as well as for following correct procedures and not violating any laws. However, the tensions between conformity and creativity remain.

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