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Steel buildings can make a great pool house

Are you thinking about adding a steel building as a pool house, well you are not alone. You can create a more enjoyable outdoor living space, such as tranquil garden rooms.  Or are you a pool owner who would like to keep the kidsí wet towels and pool paraphernalia off your climbing roses and chlorinated water off your homeís heart-of-pine hardwood floors? A well-designed poolscape, anchored functionally and aesthetically built pool house, may just surpass your wildest imaginings.

Are you considering installing a pool

Pools can be financed with a home equity line or they can be purchased outright with cash. Since pools are not cheap, they can range from anywhere between $10,000 for a basic small pool with no decking, and upwards to $100,000 for a swimming pool with rock waterfalls and fountains.

Most homeowners will finance their new luxury with a home equity loan. If you have a little equity in your home, due to the rising costs of homes, you can take out an equity line of credit or a 2nd mortgage. Before you hire a pool manufacturer, call a home loan broker to see exactly what you can afford. And what you are comfortable paying extra every month. Of course a cheaper alternative is to get quotes on aboveground pools.

Before you install a swimming pool check out the different costs of owning a pool, you have pool supplies that will have to be bought and of course you will need pool fencing to keep the swimming pool area safe from small children.





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