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Some of the most common questions we have been asked about when it comes to having a home made of steel:

Will the steel home look like a real residential house?
They may have a stylish, colored steel roof system, but you can have a different type of roof put on. Before you buy a steel building be sure to check with the builder to see if they can do that. Asides from that the only other thing that the walls are straight.

How the house look on the inside?
Most steel homes cover the inside framing with sheet rock and then paint it like you would a normal home. You can use crown molding and other nice trim details to make your home special. A good steel or metal residential building should be energy efficient. Double check that information with the building company you purchase your metal building from. And most of these types of homes can even have a fireplace!

Will lightning hit my home because it is made of metal?
A steel framed home is no more likely to be hit by lightning than a wood framed house. The difference between the two is that when lightening hits a wood framed house, it can sometimes explode a hole in the roof and possibly set it on fire. With a good steel house if the I-Beam columns are grounded in multiple areas the lightening will conducted out through these points.

Do you have to build my house on a slab?
I guess you would not need to but, why would you not want to? Unless you were building over basements or crawl spaces. And if you are doing that you will need floor joists. Let your building company know what you are planning on doing, also check with your local government to be sure extra permits are not needed.

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