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Resource for cleaning carpets in buildings

Use these types of carpet cleaning machines

Carpet Extractors
Quality and innovation are trademarks for portable carpet extractors and carpet cleaning equipment. Hot water extractors, wet/dry cleaning equipment, to carpet spotters, our carpet cleaning machines are designed with the latest in cleaning technology, durability and are backed by exclusive warranties.

Restoration Equipment
reates a powerful 200 cfm and pumps water out automatically up to 10.5 gallons per minute to the Patriot Air Scrubber which can clean the air of particulates at a rate of 2200 cfm and create a negative air pressurization for containment, Products has the right machine for you. Don't forget the Oasis Plus ozone generator capable of ridding damaged areas of foul odors. This air cleaning system destroys the bacteria and molecules that cause foul odors, leaving pure fresh oxygen in their place.

Products is known worldwide for quality, dependability and high performance equipment. Each product undergoes extensive research, design, engineering, and testing to provide the consumer with the finest in cleaning technology. By anticipating the needs of the maintenance and restoration markets, U.S. Products has consistently created industry breakthroughs. U.S. Products also offers a complete line of cleaning solutions, accessories, tools, training and sales videos.

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