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Tips on Buying a Steel Shed or Building

Are you thinking of building a new storage shed? If so, you might consider a prefabricated steel storage unit. These durable buildings are the strongest outdoor protectors you can find. While many companies manufacture steel buildings, you’ll want to make sure you choose a company that is certified before you make a purchase. Certified companies will offer you the quality steel metal buildings that you want for your projects.

Pre-engineered steel metal buildings are available in every shape and size. You can select from square, rectangular, domed, and arch-shaped buildings. Some are small enough to fit into a backyard, while others are large enough to house a couple of 18 wheelers. Garage kits and large structures for building offices and other workplaces are available. These ultra strong, tough, and durable buildings are very popular.

To place an order for a pre-engineered steel metal building, you must give the steel manufacturer the information on the size and design you want. When the design and fabrication work is completed in the manufacturing facility, all the components and parts are assembly coded, packaged, and shipped to your site by the manufacturer. The components of the building are designed to fit together to maintain the structural integrity and stability of the building.

Many prefabricated or pre-engineered steel metal buildings are up to three stories in height, with most of them designed for warehousing, offices, and light industrial or manufacturing facilities. Some steel metal building manufacturers are hoping to expand into residential buildings in the future. Currently about 70 percent of prefabricated steel metal buildings are one-story commercial buildings. Modern designs and exterior treatments make it difficult to tell that they are prefabricated steel metal buildings.

Garage kits comprise the type of metal building that is really selling big in many states. Manufactured from all-steel framing and heavy gauge, triple-layer galvanized steel tubing, they resist termites, rust, fire, and, best of all, rot. You can purchase them in an assortment of colors to house one or two vehicles. Manufacturers of these prefabricated steel metal garages say that these garages are environmentally sound and easy to install yourself. You can buy them in either frame-only kits or as a complete package.

For delivery and storage, compact packaging is most cost effective. A complete kit contains everything you need to build your garage, including an installation video, all hardware, framing, sidewalls, trim, and painted steel roofing. The concrete floor, garage entry or side doors, and windows are not included. When completed, the garage stands almost eight feet tall and has an angled roof. The finish consists of durable baked-on polyester enamel.

If you want a garage or storage shed that will last a long time and look good for many years, a steel metal building is a great choice. Backed by a 12-year warranty, a steel metal building is available to meet your needs.




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