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Air purification and ventilation in buildings

Air purifiers and air cleaners especially Hepa air cleaners purifiers improve indoor air quality and help relieve allergy and asthma symptoms. We test many different hepa, multigas, ultraviolet, voc, and electrostatic air purifiers and compare them below.

HEPA filters cannot be cleaned and are usually replaced every year. This can amount to a considerable expenditure annually. Some of the disadvantages of HEPA filters are that they are extremely fragile and are easily damaged. Estimates of operating costs for HEPA filters have been placed at $100 to $300 annually for most installations. Although HEPA filters are very effective when it comes to filtering dust particles, they cannot filter out most biological contaminants such as virus, bacteria etc, because these are extremely small in size. Filtration usually refers to the removal of contaminating substances from the ambient atmospheric air, while air purification refers to the removal of harmful substances and biological material as well



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