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Benefits of lean manufacturing steel buildings:

Increased inventory turns.
Reduced project defects.
Better on-time deliveries.
Reduced manufacturing floor space.
Better supplier relationships.
Lower IS costs

Convis reported that over his more than 30 years of managing in different automotive companies, he found that to implement the Toyota Production System or any other lean manufacturing system required total commitment from all employees from team members to the senior managers, Everyone must be pulling in the same direction and committed to the system that is being implemented. One of the basic concepts in the Toyota Production System is a customer-first philosophy. TPS has a slightly different perspective of what this means. In this system, "each succeeding process or workstation or department is the customer. In a Toyota plant, we work very hard to ensure that all team members and all departments realize their dual role: they are at once the customers of the previous operation and the suppliers to the next operation downstream"

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