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When shopping around for a steel building, whether it be for a barn or garage, you should know the terms and words used in the industry. An educated consumer is rarely taken advantage of.   

We have put together this glossary in hopes of educating you the consumer.
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Sag Rod or Sag Angle Tie rods or angles to support bottom purlin flanges against compression buckling due to special wind force.
Sag Strap A metal strap used to align purlins during erection.
Screeding The process of striking off the excess concrete to bring the top surface to proper finish and elevation.
Sealant Any material which is used to close up cracks or joints to protect against leaks.
Secondary Framing Framing consisting of minor load bearing members of a structure, such as purlins, girts, eave struts, etc.
Seismic Forces Forces due to earth movement or earthquake.
Self-Tapping Screw A fastener which taps it's own threads in a predrilled hole. It is for attaching panels to purlins and girts and for connecting trim and flashing.
Service Door Swinging hinged door.
Sheet A thin, flat rolled metal product having mill or cut edges.
Shims A piece of steel used to level or square canopy beams or base plates.
Shop Drawing A drawing prepared by the fabricator based on a working drawing and used in a shop or on a site for assembly.
Shop Weld Weld that is made in plants.
Skylight Translucent panel formed like rib panel used on roof or walls in place of certain rib panel sheets to supply natural light to building.
Slide Door A single or double leaf door which opens horizontally by means of overhead trolleys.
Slitting A process by which wide sheet is slit or cut into narrower widths.
Slope The tangent of the angle between the roof surface and the horizontal plane, expressed as a percentage, or in inches of rise per foot of horizontal distance.
Soffit The underpart of an overhanging eave, mansard, cornice, etc.
Specification A precise statement of a set of requirements, to be satisfied by a material, product, system or service. It is desirable that the requirements, together with their limits, should be expressed numerically in appropriate units.
Standing Seam Seam type that consists of an upturned rib, that may also be structural, with a watertight seam. It is made by turning up the edges of two adjacent metal panels and then folding them over in one of a variety of ways.
Step Flashing Flashing method used where a vertical surface meets a sloping roof plane.
Stitch Screw A fastener used to connect panels at the side lap.
Structural Steel Members Load carrying members, may be hot rolled sections, cold formed shapes, or built-up shapes.
Subgirt Heavy duty metal strips used to support facades, mansards, etc.
Substrate The surface upon which the roofing or waterproofing membrane is placed (structural deck or insulation).



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