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Buyer guide tips and information about steel buildings

We put this guide together to give the consumer information about buying steel buildings. We hope this information gives you the confidence you need to make an educated purchase, while avoiding the few unscrupulous companies or sales people who only want to take your money.

Know what size you are looking for: A Guide to sizing.
How to buy the right type of building for your exact needs while the first step is figure out what you will use your building for.

Knowing how to deal with salesmen: Common sales pitches. All of these are different variations of some of the sales pitches that you may hear. Do your homework, get the itemized written quotes and don't be pushed into buying something without first getting quotes and of course take the time to think about it before you purchase.

What is the best time to buy steel buildings: Best time to buy steel buildings. Knowing win the best times of year to purchase your New metal building can save you a lot of money

Don't shop for the cheapest building: Looking for the cheapest steel building?. It may be a cheap product. Follow these steps to compare companies products.

Comparing steel building companies: Some things you will want to check on. The things you need to compare when purchasing a steel metal building.

Building and putting together your new steel building: Steel building manual. So it would be wise to ask for the assembly instructions from the steel building company before you purchase the new building.


Some other common questions about steel metal buildings:

Metal building dictionary and trade terminology

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